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AEFFE FLORICOLTURA grows and selects a wide range of flowering plants cultivated in Albenga  which meet all the best requirements of quality, thanks to a ten-year experience as flower-growers and to a territory characterized by a temperate climate.  In fact  this helps to cultivate robust and bushy plants which flower in a natural way for a great satisfaction to the customer. To complete our  offer , we propose typical plants from other Italian regions  cultivated by our selected suppliers .

in Autumn and Winter we offer a selection of mini, midi and standard cyclamens in different forms and sizes, in earthenware pots and bowls with one or more plants.
in September and October we select extra forms of chrysanthemums with large flowers, Korean, early and late chrysanthemums, in earthenware pots, bowls, etc....

we have been producing poinsettias in different sizes for over 20 years from pot ø 10 to ø 30, with a selection of the latest colours and forms.

throughout the spring we grow numerous white, yellow, pink and red daisies in different sizes and forms such as bush, stem, pyramid and double ball. Our selection will surprise you!
from February to April you will be surprised by the quality of the plants grown in the open air, by their earliness, robustness and assortment. Don’t miss this appointment!
it is one of the most important products of our company. The variety Angustifolia is available all year round in different sizes and forms, but our range becomes richer in spring thanks to the colours of the varieties Stoechas, Hidcote and of other cultivars with interesting flowerings.
from March to May these are available in different sizes, in earthenware pots, stem and column form, basket.
we offer a selection of intense colours and special forms directly from our suppliers.
throughout the spring we have a wide assortment of colours, in pot, bowl or other from pot ø 10 to pot ø 30.
it’s impossible not to mention important plants such as Agathea, Euryops, Gazania, Mesembryanthemum, Zantedeschia, Dianthus Caryophyllus and many others, available in different sizes and large quantities to enrich our range of colours and forms.